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Megalopolises have always had advanced urban problems-housing shortages caused by the rapid concentration of the population, environmental pollution from industrial concentration, large-scale urban disasters, congestion from automobile traffic, and widening of the gap between the rich and poor. Tokyo is arguably the largest city of the megalopolises of the world that solved these problems relatively well without causing other problems.
The objective of the Tokyo Study Tour has been to share the accumulated wisdom of Tokyo with others who have been working to solve the problems of cities around the world and review ideas from other large cities.
Specifically, students from Tokyo Metropolitan University will plan the study tours to introduce urban spaces and locations in Tokyo as examples of the problems of a megalopolis. Students from around the world and other Asian countries will participate in the tours and discuss urban issues while observing the actual sites in Tokyo. A more in-depth understanding of Tokyo will be developed through these tours along with knowledge of Tokyo's potential from the perspective of young people around the world.
The Tokyo Study Tour started as a program hosted by the Department of Urban Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University, in 2014. In November 2014, students from the University of Seoul participated in a tour of three locations. The tour will be continuously scheduled during and after 2015.
This website presents a summary of previous Tokyo Study Tours. We hope that this will be an opportunity to examine the issues and solutions of a megalopolis as a way for people around the world with a focus on Asian countries to consider what could be realized by following the example of Tokyo.

2014 Tour-1


日本橋 → 銀座 → 虎ノ門

2014 Tour-2


赤城 → La kagu → 寺町 → 早稲田通り
→ 横丁

2014 Tour-3