Soft Matter Laboratory (KURITA LAB)

Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science
Division of Physics, Faculty of Science


Welcome to Soft Matter Laboratory (Kurita Laboratory)

Soft materials are widely used not only in industry such as liquid crystals, rubber, plastics and drug delivery, but also in daily life as in detergent and food. Nevertheless, developments of soft matter strongly depend on empirical rules and we rarely understand why soft materials have so many functions. Especially, soft matter has not been well studied under heterogeneous environments as with temperature and pressure gradients. Then, we aim to understand the mechanism of soft matter behaviors and to find new structures, which lead to new functional products.



PositionNameE-mailPhoneResearch Theme
ProfessorRei KURITAkurita3333Soft Matter Physics
Phase Transition
Marie TANImtani3325Soft Matter Physics
PDNaoya YANAGISAWA ynaoya 3325Foam
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Graduate Students

Grade Name E-mail 
D2 Ryouko SHINOHARA shinohara-ryouko
D1 Yujiro FURUTA furuta-yujiro1
M2 Tomoya MORI mori-tomoya
M2 Rikuya ISHIKAWA ishikawa-rikuya
M2 Kaoru IDE ide-kaoru1
M2 Masaya ENDO endo-masaya1
M2 Tomomi TAKAHASHI takahashi-tomomi
M1 Hikari TOKOTA yokota-hikari
M1 Kohei YOKOCHI yokochi-kohei
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Undergraduate Students

Grade Name E-mail 
B4 Yukito ENTA enta-yukito
B4 Yuto OCHI ochi-yuto
B4 Aoi KANEDA kaneda-aoi
B4 Yasuyoshi SODENO sodeno-yasuyoshi
B4 Takehiro FUJIWARA fujiwara-takehiro
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Guest Researcher Kazuya KOBAYASHI Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


Minami-Osawa 1-1, Hachioji-shi,
Tokyo, Japan
Department of Physics,
Tokyo Metropolitan University