About us

Kajihara Lab. is a new laboratory, launched on April of 2018. In FY2020 Prof. Takashi Takei and Prof. Takashi Yanagishita have joined. We are studying photo-electrofunctional inorganic solids and related materials including ceramics and glasses, which are key materials serving as sustainable urban environment and low-carbon economy. Research interests include development of environment-friendly processes, search and structural-compositional modifications of materials, and their application to functional devices such as phosphors, lasers, and batteries.

Research area

  • Inorganic materials chemistry
  • Functionalization of ceramics, glasses, and silicon-based organic-inorganic hybrids
  • Silica and their applications to optical materials
  • Environmental-friendly synthesis of inorganic materials
  • Efficient energy conversion with inorganic materials
  • Photoinduced phenomena, diffusion, and chemical reactions in/on inorganic solids
  • Studies on formation of nanostructures by self-organizing processes
  • Studies on precision separation
  • Studies on energy devices and optical devices


A paper on low-refractive-index deep-ultraviolet transparent fluorinated polysilsesquioxane resins, co-authored with Toshiki Tsuchiya (2nd year master's student), Yuko Fukuda (Master's graduate in FY2014), and colleagues has been published.
A paper on phenylphosphonate surface functionalization of porous MgMn2O4 cathodes for rechargeable magnesium batteries and room temperature operation of slurry-coated cathodes, co-authored with Daisuke Takahashi (2nd year master's student), Prof. Hiroaki Kobayashi (Tohoku Univ.), Dr. Toshihiko Mandai (NIMS), Prof. Hiroaki Imai (Keio Univ.), and Prof. Kiyoshi Kanamura (Dept. Applied Chemistry for Environment) has been published.
A paper on solid-state lithium methal batteries with lithium-ion-conducting Li4B4Al3O12Cl-based glass-ceramic electrolytes, co-authored with Mayu Saito (Master's graduate in FY2020), Prof. Kiyoshi Kanamura (Dept. Applied Chemistry for Environment), and colleagues has been published.
A paper on the photochemistry of intersitital chlorine-related species and oxygen molecules in synthetic silica glasses, co-authored with Dr. Linards Skuja (University of Latvia), Dr. Nadège Ollier (University of Paris-Saclay), and colleagues has been published.
The book entitled "Next Generation Batteries", in which K. K. and colleagues authored the chapters 21 and 46, has been published.
A paper on negligible concentration quenching in silica–(Tb,Ce)PO4 transparent glass-ceramic green phosphors prepared by cosolvent-free sol gel method, co-authored with Rena Iwasaki (2nd year master's student) has been published.
A paper on the development of silica coating solutions of long pot life by cosolvent-free sol–gel method and characterization by liquid-phase NMR spectroscopy, co-authored with Hirohiko Kato (Master's graduate in FY2015) and colleagues has been published.
A paper on the photoluminescence of oxygen dangling bonds in electron- and neutron-irradiated α-quartz, co-authored with Dr. Linards Skuja (University of Latvia) and Dr. Nadège Ollier (University of Paris-Saclay) has been published.
Koichi Kajihara has been promoted to Professor, and Professors Takashi Takei and Takashi Yanagishita have joined.
A paper on twinning by merohedry and thermal expansion of silica zeolite DDR, co-authored with Hirohiko Kato (Master's graduate in FY2015), Ryo Takahashi (Master's graduate in FY2017), Dr. Hiroshi Mizoguchi, Rigaku Corporation, and colleagues has been published.