Advanced Research Program (April 2020 - )
International Student Special Selection, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Sponsored by Tokyo Metropolitan Government: “Tokyo Human Resources Fund for City Diplomacy”

Development of New Bio-Based Functional Polymers by Efficient Molecular Catalysis


Application Information (Starting for October 2020): Here(PDF)

News & Update
・Lecture by Dr. Yu @TMU(March 11, 2020) PDF
・Presentation at PACCON2020 Conference (February, 2020; Bangkok, Thailand)
・CU-TMU Symposium (Lecture by members from CU, January, 2020) photo
・Project Meeting @UKM(December 16, 2019), CU(December 18), and TU (December 19) Picture
・Application of New Fellowship Students (Starting from October, 2020)
・New fellowship students: three students came to Japan and join our laboratory (September, 2019)
・New project will start from April, 2020 (October 2019)

Previous Project, Advanced Research Program (2012-2016)
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Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, TMU
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