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Tetsuya Shintani

Associate Professor, Dr. Eng.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tokyo Metropolitan University


  • Research of interest

    Internal wave
    Vertical mixing of stratified ocean and lake is enhanced by the shoaling and breaking of internal waves on sloping boundary. To understand this physical process, numerical simulations were performed for the phenomena in the laboratory tank. First, the generation process was investigated using a two-layer model taking account of the non-hydrostatic effect. Second, the breaking and mixing processes of the internal waves on a sloping bottom were computed by two-dimensional model using Fantom3D. The results of the numerical model were in good agreement with the experimental data.

    In lakes and reservoirs, stratification process produces the nutrien-rich and oxygen-poor water near the bottom region. The movement of this bottom water affects not only the ecological system but also the water utilization such as drinking waters. This research aims to obtain the quantitative evaluation of the upwelling process induced by the wind stress over the surface. To parameterize the upwelling process, we have developed a new non-dimensional number, Effective Wedderburn number, under the influence of bottom topography. This number enables us to evaluate the upwelling height in the lake of sloping geometry. The 3D numerical model was also developed and used to reproduce the turbulent mixing process near the upwelling front.

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Tokyo Metropolitan University
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Tetsuya Shintani