Chief interest: Algebraic Geometry, Singularity and Mathematical Physics(Mirror symmetry etc.), Learning, Biological Mathematics
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Open lectures (in Japanese) Some preprints
  1. Mirror symmetry and strange duality (dvi/ps)
  2. Duality of weights, mirror symmetry and Arnold's strange duality (dvi/ps)
  3. Mirror symmetry on K3 surfaces(ps), to appear in Proceedings of Kinosaki symposium 96'
  4. Recent topics of mirror symmetry (for Differential Geometry Symposium 96') (ps) [in Japanese]
  5. Uniqueness of unibranched curve in $R^2$ up to simple blowings up, Proc. Japan Acad. 73 (1997) 97-99 (ps).
  6. On blow-analytic equivalence of embedded curve singularities, to appear (ps).
  7. A special Lagrangian 3-torus as a real slice, in: Integrable Systems and Algebraic Geometry (M.-H. Saito, Y. Shimizu and K. Ueno eds.), Proc. Taniguchi Symp. (ps).
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