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I have moved to Chiba University.

Research Field: Knot energies Knot energy from Wiki, Mobius energy from Wiki; Mobius Geometry of curves and surfaces (with Remi Langevin), Regularization of potential and energy of submanifolds

Recent talk at Newton Institute (2012.12.05)

A movie file on knot energies by John Sullivan can be found through here.

  • The 2nd TAPU-KOOK Joint Seminar on Knots and Related Topics & The 4th Graduate Student Workshop on Mathematics (26(Mon)-30(Fri) July 2010)
  • Statistical physics and topology of polymers with ramifications to structure and function of DNA and proteins (2-6, August, 2010, Panasonic Auditorium, Yukawa Hall, YITP, Kyoto University)

  • Energy of Knots and Conformal Geometry,
    Series on Knots and Everything Vol. 33, World Scientific, Singapore, (xiv + 288 pages) , ISBN 981-238-316-6, US$45, Publ. date: Mar 2003.
    Energy of knots is a theory that was introduced to create a "canonical configuration" of a knot -- a beautiful knot which represents its knot type. This book introduces several kinds of energies, and studies the problem of whether or not there is a "canonical configuration" of a knot in each knot type. It also considers this problems in the context of conformal geometry. The energies presented in the book are defined geometrically. They measure the complexity of embeddings and have applications to physical knotting and unknotting through numerical experiments.

    Errata (updated Feb 2007)(always under construction)
    Errata is also available here
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    Conformal geometry of knots (11/2005)(3.5MB)

    I work with Prof. Rémi Langevin (Bourgogne).

    My address in Dijon

    Recently, I began joint work with Prof. Gil Solanes (Barcelona).

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