Yoshikazu MizuguchiiAssociate Professorj
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Research interests: Exploration of novel superconductors and functional materials, Condensed matter physics

Yosuke GotoiAssistant Professorj
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Aichi YamashitaiProject Assistant Professorj

Rajveer JhaiPostdoc researcherj
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[Our missions]

*Discovery of novel superconductors with a high-Tc temperature and/or unconventional mechanisms.
*Discovery of novel thermoelectric materials.
*Discovery of other functional materials, which will solve energy problems.
*Clarification of (local) crystal structure and physical properties.

To address those missons above, we focus on chalcogenides & pnictides with a layered structure,
anomalous electronic states, or structural fluctuations. Of course, other interesting materials are welcome!

[Research projects]

Summary of our recent studies

*Exploration of new superconducting & thermoelectric materials
*Establishment of material design strategies for high-Tc superconductivity or high thermoelectric performance. *Investigation of physical and structural properties of superconducting materials (Fe-based, Bi-based, Sn-based, ...)
*Investigation of physical and structural properties of novel thermoelctric materials (Bi-based, Sb-based, Sn-based, ...)

[Research tools]

{Our instruments for measurements}
*Liq.He-free cryostat with a superconducting magnet system (H = 5T, T = 1.5-300 K)
*Liq.He-free cryostat (T = 2-300 K)
*Thermoelectric powerfactor system (ZEM3) (T = 323-1027 K)
*Thermal conductivity system by laser flush method (TC1200) (T = 323-1027 K)
*Thermal analysis including heat capacity (DSC) (T = 300-823 K)

{Our instruments for synthesis and characterization}
*Solid-state reaction system
*Furnaces (box, tube, 3-zone, gas), microscopes, scales, ...
*High-pressure synthesis (cubic anvil, 180 ton press)
*Hot-press system
*Glove box with a gas purifier
*XRD (Miniflex600-DtexUltra)
*SEM-EDX (TM3030-plus)
*VASP & Wien2k & workstation

{Other instruments avairable}
*SQUID (7T, 1.8 K) [Physics department]
*SQUID-VSM (7T, 1.8 K) [Miura labolatory]
*PPMS (9T, resistivity, heat capacity, TTO, 3He probe)[Physics department]

{Synchrotron & Neutron facilities}
*SPring-8 (BL02B2)
*ESRF(France), ALBA(Spain), Elettra(Italy), ...

[Scientific papers and presentations]
Please download a list of Mizuguchi's publications here.


Address: 1-1, Minami-Osawa, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan, 192-0397

Building 8, Minami-Osawa campus

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