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Objective & Mission

The objective of our laboratory is to propose policies, plans and technologies of inftastructure (e.g. transport systems) development and management toward sustainable tourism development in regions. The theories and methdologies in transport study and data science fields are deeply utilized.

Research activities

Many of researches in the laboratory covers the following fields.

(1)Use of infrastructure and transport systems toward regional tourism promotion

(2)Methodological development on the use of statistics and big data for understanding on mechanisms on tourist behavior and tourism economics

(3)Sustainable tourism policy/planning

Laboratory members

The laboratory has 15 students, Tetsuo SHIMIZU (Mr, Professor) and Yukiko KATAGIRI (Ms, Assistant Professor). There are four non-Japanese students (Indonesian, Nepali and Thai). Students from Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and Senegal have graduated.

Profile and list of works

see the researchmap service

To those who want to be a member of the laboratory

We can supervise those who cannot speak Japanese in the graduate programs. If you are interested in studying in our laboratory, please do not hesitate to inquire to t-sim (at) tmu.ac.jp


The laboratory locates at the Room 254c, on the second floor of the building No.9 in the Minami-osawa campus. It will take ten minutes on foot from the nearest train station "Minami-osawa" of the Keio Sagamihara Line. The building location can be confirmed in the official campus map webpage.